Introducing Me

Hi, I’m a reviewer on amazon and biochemistry student. When I am not spending time writing reviews, I can be found studying for exams, or trying to get an effective workout.

This blog is something I made on accident one day but I might as well work with it since I have a facebook page called brit1219.  (I made it so I wouldn’t spam my friends/family with reviews when tomoson required the review to be posted on facebook).

I actually send most my wordpress time working on the site, advising others how to write better reviews and tips for getting lower rank on

My current amazon rank as I write this is almost 9,000 which is under the 10,000 lowest ranks. My username and email get spammed with items to review on amazon but it’s nice as student since I can enjoy things while being on a budget.

Brit1219 is my pen name that started off as a gamer tag that I got attached you. You may call me Britney, Brit1219, or reviewer either one is fine. I am starting to get into social media for website promoting so most post of this site might be funny pictures, ideas, or reviews on items.


If you need to contact me to review you can always message either one of my facebook pages or email me at


This me while making a youtube video

This me while making a youtube video